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IT Visionaries

Mar 17, 2020

As a journalist during the dot-com boom and throughout more than a decade as the Editor In Chief of the MIT Technology Review, Jason Pontin has seen technology of all kinds emerge from its earliest stages to become the world-shifting technology we and use today. After watching that evolution happen for so long, Jason decided he wanted in on the action. Today. He is a Senior Advisor for Flagship Pioneering, where he is focused on how technology can be used to make a larger impact on the world. On this episode, he talks about some of the projects and companies he’s involved with, and he explains why he believes A.I. and deep learning will be huge forces in shaping the world moving forward. 

Key Takeaways:


  • Certain technologies — like A.I. and gene editing — will have a greater impact than we currently understand
  • Using computers and A.I. to do things that humans can’t will, hopefully, lead to more breakthroughs
  • New technology can lead to new and better jobs, but it takes time



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