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IT Visionaries

Oct 4, 2019

Sami Hassanyeh is the chief digital officer for AARP and throughout the last 18 years with the company, he’s helped lead a vast digital transformation. From the launch of an app to getting into voice technology, AARP has moved leaps and bounds forward when it comes to technology.

But there are a ton of challenges when you are working with a customer population that uses every kind of channel imaginable. Whether its a laptop, desktop, mobile app, in person or talking through the voice app or using automation tools, AARP has to deliver a seamless experience and answer customer questions quickly and efficiently every time. But how? Sami explains on this episode of IT Visionaries. 

Key Takeaways:

  • How technology adds to AARP’s value proposition
  • Launching new technology including apps and voice recognition software
  • Creating a customer feedback loop
  • How employee experience feeds customer experience
  • AR, VR, automation and more emerging technology to be excited about


Salesforce and MIT recently teamed up to create a whitepaper exploring what happens when AI meets CRM.

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