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IT Visionaries

Apr 28, 2020

Throughout the years, the idea of sustainability has changed and the metrics by which we measure how sustainable we are have shifted. So where are we on the sustainability timeline? And what should we be focusing on to become more sustainable in business and in life? To answer those questions is Science journalist Wade Roush, and Patrick Flynn, the Vice President of Sustainability at Salesforce. On this episode of IT Visionaries, they discuss the current state of the sustainability efforts, as well as the lessons they’ve learned from the past and how to prepare for and evolve in the future.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Corporate sustainability programs need to start in the places that are most relevant to the company as a whole
  • Prioritizing your efforts is important so that you do not get overwhelmed by the scope of the problem
  • Creating simple, repeatable frameworks that other companies can implement will be a difference-maker in the fight against climate change


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