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IT Visionaries

Jul 12, 2019

Good communication is one of the most important aspects of any organization. But the communication process gets exponentially harder the more your company grows. From various apps and tools and email chains, employees are constantly communicating in different ways. It’s a process that can be frustrating, and that’s why Laurent Perrin (LinkedIn) co-founded Front. Front is an application that simplifies the communication process and puts everything you need all in one place. 

On this episode of IT Visionaries, Laurent talks about how he helped build Front with his co-founder, the growing pains they went through, the importance of integration and partnership and so much more. 

Best advice: “Don’t overcomplicate things. One trend I notice is that people want to solve an intellectually satisfying problem and in doing so they overcomplicate it. Since they severely over-estimated the problem, they end up not being able to solve it.”

Salesforce and MIT recently teamed up to create a whitepaper exploring what happens when AI meets CRM.

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