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IT Visionaries

Aug 30, 2019

When you picture a robot, what images come to your mind? Is it R2-D2 or C3PO? Maybe a Roomba or the Terminator? That’s not unusual, but mostly that is not real life. In today’s world, we have robots, automation, and A.I. everywhere, just not in the way people think.

On this episode of IT Visionaries, Ian chats with Guy Kirkwood, the chief evangelist at UiPath, and Jordan Collard, the CEO and co-founder of Jolt Advantage Group about the robots they’re working on in the RPA industry. RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation and it is working its way into Fortune 500 companies at a rapid pace as everyone tries to find more ways to work more quickly and efficiently. Together, the trio explores how RPA is implemented and go through use cases that prove you can go from a task taking 16 days, to it being done within four hours. Plus, they discuss the future of the industry and how to get more people interested and invested in the technology.  


Key Takeaways:

  • What exactly is RPA?
  • Who will be using RPA in the future and how will it be implemented?
  • How to build an ecosystem of customers who are excited and invested.

To learn more about RPA and how to build a robot of your own, look for upcoming events with Jolt here:

Salesforce and MIT recently teamed up to create a whitepaper exploring what happens when AI meets CRM.

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