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IT Visionaries

Jan 2, 2020

The best way to learn about a subject is to study it in depth. Jeanne Ross knows that better than most. As the Principal Research Scientist at MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research, she spends her time really digging into how to get the most out of information technology. One of the subjects she’s looked at closely is the topic of digital transformation — in fact, she recently published a book on the subject titled Designed for Digital. On this episode of IT Visionaries, she tells us about the building blocks of digital transformation and takes us through use cases from Apple to Lego to illustrate how the shift to digital plays out.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Jeanne’s work at MIT and how research is done
  • The building blocks of digital transformation
  • Digital transformation use cases
  • How to create a good employee experience when implementing digital change

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