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IT Visionaries

Nov 5, 2019

Blak Hall is the CEO and founder of, which is solving the problem of verifying your identity online. To be sure, as more and more of our commerce and day-to-day- activities move online, it becomes even more important to keep your identity secure and verified. But we all know how annoying it is to fill out all the same information on form after form on website after website. Why can’t we just verify our identity once and take it with us through all our internet activities? That’s what Blake and his team at are allowing their customers to do, and it is already making an impact. On this episode, Blake explains the origins of, which trace back to his time as an Army Ranger, and takes us through some use cases that prove the success of’s technology.   


Key Takeaways:

  • Going from Army Ranger to tech founder
  • The value of verified identity
  • Determining your business model


Salesforce and MIT recently teamed up to create a whitepaper exploring what happens when AI meets CRM.

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