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IT Visionaries

Apr 21, 2020

When you were in fourth grade, how'd you pass the time? Maybe playing with Legos, building forts, or playing tag. What you probably weren't doing is developing the foundation of an organization that would make a global impact.

And that brings us to Felix Finkbeiner, the thoughtful kid who was doing just that. Today, Felix is the founder of Plant for the Planet, and on this episode of IT Visionaries, he explains his mission, how technology is helping to connect organizations all over the world, and why the One Trillion Trees project is something he is hoping can positively impact the planet in huge ways. 

Key Takeaways:

  • We might not be able to replace all of the trees that have been cut down, but we can plant enough to make a significant positive impact
  • Technology like the Plant For The Planet app is helping connect and build transparency amongst the many partners and organizations working on the One Million Trees Initiative
  • The initial challenge of the organization was getting people to care, but now that people do care, the challenge is scaling and building an infrastructure capable of doing the things you want to do


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