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IT Visionaries

Mar 12, 2020

From studying neuroscience to becoming a ski bum to finding a home at Panasonic, Kellen Pucher’s journey has been a one with many twists and turns. But today, Kellen is pretty settled in as a Director of Strategic Initiatives at Panasonic North America. Right now Panasonic is working on deploying the world's first connected vehicle ecosystem and Kellen is helping lead the team that’s building the technology necessary to make it work. He explains all the intricacies of the task and the larger goal of the program on this episode of IT Visionaries.

Key Takeaways:


  • There are hidden costs of transportation
  • If you connect all vehicles and other elements of transportation like traffic lights and road signals, the amount of data being generated will need an entirely new operating system to populate through
  • Privacy and security are built into all vehicle technology



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