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IT Visionaries

Apr 23, 2020

As artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent in businesses, leaders in the C-suite are trying to figure out when and how to deploy the technology. Many questions will come up within organizations when they are focusing on A.I. deployment, and, luckily, Daniel Faggella is here to help answer them. Daniel is the CEO and Head of Research at Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research, where he and his team map the capabilities of A.I. and hone in on where to deploy get the greatest ROI. On this episode of IT Visionaries, Daniel explains the work that goes into making those kinds of projections and he discusses how the A.I field is still growing and changing. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding where and how to deploy A.I. is critical, and will be even more important in the next year or two
  • Emerj thinks about  AI advantage across two spectrums; Critical capabilities and data dominance
  • One of the big hurdles in A.I. is educating people on the difference between A.I. and It. To combat this Emerj has identified three main points they use to help them educate clients they work with on the differences


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