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IT Visionaries

Apr 14, 2020

On IT Visionaries, we talk to many different CIOs, but for this episode, the CIO we’re chatting with is different than what you’re probably expecting. Today, we’re excited to welcome Suzanne DiBianca, the Chief Impact Officer and Executive Vice President of Corporate Relations at Salesforce. Suzanne has been with Salesforce for 20 years and helped the company build up its philanthropic arms, including pioneering the 1-1-1 model so many organizations now adopt. In this discussion, Suzanne takes us through her history with the organization and talks about how to build a culture of sustainability. She also explains some of the climate initiatives that Salesforce has been spearheading and why a project like One Trillion Trees is so important right now in this decade of action. 

Key Takeaways:


  • Creating a culture of sustainability is about achieving buy-in throughout the organizaition
  • You need to meet people where they are in order to get them to commit to implementing new programs or 
  • We are in a decade of action and One Trillion Trees is an initiative that has the potential to make a difference



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