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IT Visionaries

Feb 13, 2020

When Farah Papaioannou was first getting into the tech world, she was a bit apprehensive simply due to the fact that there were so many more men in the field than women. But she stuck to her path and in 2019 Farah was named the Edge Woman of the year for the work she has been doing as the Co-Founder and President at Edgeworx, Inc. On this episode, recorded live at Edge Computing World, where Farah accepted her honor, we dove into her journey and the innovative projects she’s been helping to build at Edgeworx.

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite how far the industry has come, women still face unfair questions and discrimination
  • The market is ripe for edge computing because more and more companies realize the need to be analyzing and acting on data in real-time
  • Creating the edge infrastructure will be similar to how the cloud infrastructure was created — by putting many pieces together

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