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IT Visionaries

Jan 28, 2020

Not many CIOs are walking around with Emmys. But when you’ve had a career as broad as Sean Wechter, the fact that he and his teams have become Emmy-Award-winners is not all that surprising. From Dell to Comcast, to USA Today to now, as the CIO of Qlik, Sean has seen and done it all. On this episode of IT Visionaries,...

Jul 26, 2019

Welcome to our third CIO Roundtable. Joining us at the table this time are Brian Lillie (LinkedIn), who won CIO of the Year for Silicon Valley in 2014 while he was in the role for Equinix, and Kumud Kalia (LinkedIn), a multiple-time CIO who most recently held the title at Cylance. Together with Ian they discuss having a...

Jul 24, 2019

Imagine accepting the CIO job at Facebook right as the social media network was about to take off. Now imagine that your first task is to fix a complex calendar system that is causing headaches throughout the company and, oh by the way, if you can’t do it you’re fired. That was the scenario Tim Campos (LinkedIn |

May 11, 2019

Jocelyn Goldfein (LinkedIn, Twitter) is a true IT Visionary. Having worked at VMware and Facebook in the early days of both, and now as Managing Director at Zetta Venture Partners, Jocelyn has been involved in the formative years of the internet and technological innovations.

In part two of their interview, Jocelyn and...

Apr 26, 2019

Kumud Kalia (LinkedIn) is the Chief Information & Technology Officer at Cylance, responsible for the strategy, implementation, and management of the infrastructure and applications that support Cylance’s business processes.

On this episode, he and Ian talk all things AI, including how Cylance is using AI to...